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Life Surfing Publications

Life Surfing offers a range of easy to read guide books and booklets about mental health and wellbeing.  These are available as paperbacks and as Kindle e-books.  Click on the images below for details:

Helping Hands - A guide to helping someone else affected by mental health problems

The Depression Workbook - 70 self-help techniques for overcoming depression

Beating Anxiety - A self-help guide to managing and overcoming anxiety

Depression - A self-help guide to recovery

Distress to De-stress - A guide to understanding and practicing stress management

No More Panic - A guide to understanding and overcoming panic attacks and panic disorder

Getting to Sleep - A self-help approach to stress-related sleep disorders

Food for Mood - A guide to healthy eating for mental health and wellbeing

How to Help - A brief guide to helping others manage common mental health problems

The Hidden Epidemic - A study of suicide in the UK

Good Stress - Bad Stress - How to make stress work for you by taking appropriate action

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